Quality commitment

Linea y puntos

Fac Nhorte has designed a training and quality monitoring  program  , on which it works continuously, referring to the following areas:

  • EDUCATIONAL :  raises the summer activities according to contents that contribute to the better development of children and young people in the cognitive, sensorimotor and affective planes.

  • PEDAGOGICAL :  together with the LAMA school , the monitors and directors of our activities are trained, always keeping in mind the values ​​by which we try to distinguish ourselves: respect for the participants, awareness of the influence on their personal development, search for fun and enriching experiences.  

  • RISK PREVENTION :  there is a complete dossier made by a technician in the field that guides on the best use of the installation and the healthiest habits in the development of activities.

Niños de excursión

  • ARCHITECTURAL :  step by step and with great effort, an installation that is pleasing to the eye and as comfortable as our business model allows is built. The coherence between the spaces and their integration into the natural environment is constantly sought.

  • COMPUTER :  in September 2007, Fac Nhorte obtained “level 3” within the MULTIPLICA program for its implementation of the use of new technologies in the work and business environment. For this, important steps were taken in the field of data protection and security in the transfer of information on the network.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL :  caring for nature as our common home is undoubtedly an important message to spread in all our activities. The care of water, monitoring of discharges and recycling of waste, especially the most polluting (batteries and oils), have earned our greatest attention.
  • EVALUATION OF DATA :  the evaluation of each activity by all the participants, as well as the collection and analysis of the data by the management of Fac Nhorte , are tasks to which many hours of work are dedicated. The results of this whole process feed the approach of each new year in search of more satisfactory results. 
  • INTERNATIONAL PROJECTION :  the contrast of our methods, style and objectives with those of other European organizations allows us to improve the quality of our activities due to the various contributions received and the tolerant spirit that these relationships infuse.

Niños en una barca en el mar