Summer camp in Asturias 

32 years of history!

The Factoría de Acción Cultural Nhorte is in luck, born in the spring of 1991, it celebrates its 32nd anniversary this year , and since its foundation it has pursued the idea of ​​being a focus for the production of educational ideas aimed mainly at children and youth, thanks to which, throughout all these years, a style was forged, a peculiar and non-transferable way of understanding education in general and summer camps in particular that made today, 31 years later, and more than never, let us continue to believe as on the first day, in a world that is increasingly tolerant, more habitable and in a human being in a constant process of evolution.

Among all the activities that it carries out, the Summer Camps occupy a main place, an ideal framework for achieving the educational and leisure objectives that it pursues.

The methodology used uses, fundamentally, the word , the game and the imagination as essential tools to combine, in globalized programs, different subjects that at all times try to reconcile fun and learning.

Based in Asturias, the Campamento Nhorte facilities, a complement to a beautiful natural environment surrounded by beaches and trails , receive participants from all over Spain and other countries, mainly Europeans, each year. There are already many fathers and mothers, entities and institutions that have placed their trust in our activities throughout these 32 years of existence, in which more than 17,500 participants from the most diverse parts of the world have passed through here. For those of you who choose our activities year after year, we dedicate our efforts trying to surprise you every summer with something new in our activities and facilities.

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All the information about our FAC Nhorte  camps   HERE 


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And finally, the management team of Nhorte , the TEACHERS , as they are also from our LAMA SCHOOL of animation. All of them LEISURE TIME DIRECTORS , have been and are the red thread that gives continuity to the project, and although we have grown older with you, and some are no longer here, we continue to seriously discuss everything that can improve the activity , such as For example, what theme can be, each year, more fun and educational : pirates, circus, magic or, like this year: EGYPT. In search of the lost dynasty”!

Finally, our installation at Camp Nhorte deserves at least a couple of lines . Shaped with great effort over the years, fragile like the nature in which it is integrated, it surprises newcomers and attracts those who return, and it has the power to make those who come seeking to be part of a different world feel at home .

As you can see, there are many ways to feel part of having come this far. If you're already in any of the groups we've referred to, we sincerely thank you , and if you're not already, we encourage you to stop by and see and don't wait for another 32 years .

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