Linea y puntos

These videos were made by Víctor Iglesias, Andrés Mellado and Pablo Gutiérrez on  the occasion of the XX Anniversary of FAC Nhorte . They tried to summarize something impossible: the passage through our facilities of more than 10,000 participants with their illusions, their voices, their energy, their skills... They also show us an idea of ​​how the facility was transformed until it became the beautiful Asturian place that today is. They are also the soundtrack that accompanied each of these summers, in which we witnessed how the boys and girls were getting older.

But fundamentally they are a tribute to all those who contributed their grain of sand so that Nhorte would become a great and picturesque family. It is dedicated to all of them. That you enjoy them.   


El espectáculo más grande del mundo

25 aniversario


El reino del Nhorte

Galaxia Nhorte

Among the activities that  FAC. Nhorte  developed throughout its educational and holiday leisure journey, the celebration of different activities in different hostels throughout the national geography stands out, some of whose calls we have rescued here to preserve a piece of that H of our history.

The  Nhortes Guide   (which is what we call our monitors here), became for a few years a small manual with some recommendations or information that helped all Nhortes, new and veterans, to better face the task they would develop in summer. . But above all it was one more opportunity to keep in touch, which is something we particularly like.

This section contains  all our camp history . The printed call marked, each year, the starting point to let you know our summer plans. When there was no Internet, it was our main instrument to release information about our camps to the public, now they are the ideal complement to all the details that appear on this web page, and they reach all parts of Spain every year. What you have here is a beautiful walk through our history, behind each of these pages are all of you, the true protagonists of each camp.

We are aware that, for a child, young person or adolescent,  attending a camp  supposes, in addition to great enjoyment, a personal challenge that forces them to overcome small difficulties that help them to mature and grow in a healthy and fun, that's why, at the end of our camps, we like to recognize that small effort with a  DIPLOMA  that records what has been achieved and provides each participant with the physical possibility of remembering it over the years.

The Internet meant a major change for all of society in the way of providing or obtaining information, but before it existed, Nhorte already had a small bulletin that we sent to the homes of our participants with the data that we believed might be of interest to the public. community nhorteduplicadoña. LOS MALATOS, formerly on paper, now continues to inform, in its digital format, but to know where we come from, we also leave here some samples of that paper edition that we produced with so much affection.