Campamentos para niños en Asturias


Who says camp, says the other school for your son. Summer is very long and there is time for everything. Apart from family vacations, something very positive for children is going to a camp where they can play and have fun with other children their age.

It is an opportunity for them to meet people, learn new skills and have outdoor experiences. Therefore, going to our children's camps in Asturias are only advantages. They will learn life lessons beyond the classes, the value of playing time, teamwork, respecting nature and learning to develop certain skills such as leadership or confidence.

Why should our children go to camp?


Campamentos para niños en Asturias


The benefits are multiple, since we assume that children will be able to live with others their age, enjoy unforgettable moments and because, after all, both emotional and educational learning from this experience will have a very positive impact on their growth and development. staff.
In addition, our children's camps in Asturias are located in a perfect enclave between Gijón and Villaviciosa and our monitors are professionals who are full of motivation to make them spend 10 days that they will never forget.

The camp implies that children have to socialize, and this is the ideal environment to achieve this. After the adaptation period they will be able to improve their social skills, develop their independence and improve their self-esteem. As well as being able to make their own decisions.

In relation to another of the benefits of going to a camp, we find emotional intelligence. This has to do with actions where children must recognize, understand and control their emotions. Children must be able to interact with their peers, empathizing with them and being able to put themselves in their place. In the end it is an opportunity for children to face challenges and see them as challenges capable of overcoming them.

The physical plane is also a highlight. Our camps limit the use of technology to focus on a daily routine that involves getting up early, being physically active, eating regular meals, and enjoying long periods of time outdoors. Here physical exercise is disguised as fun and all children experience a great sense of well-being. We are committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Nature is something to be reckoned with. Knowing the value of caring for the environment and relating to it responsibly is a reason for older people to connect with nature through outdoor adventures.

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The best instructors are ready for your children to experience a different, special summer that they will always remember. All the information that is required can be obtained by calling these telephone numbers: 985 99 95 18 / 677 49 40 31 / 677 49 40 32. You can also write to the email provided by its website. If you prefer, you can also contact via WhatsApp.

The adventure begins!

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