LAMA School

The LAMA school of animation and education in leisure activities was created by Fac Nhorte in 1992 and receives its name from the acronym of an excellent friend and great leisure activities expert: Luís Angel Martín Antolín.

It is recognized in the Government of Asturias as the 5th school registered in the province and performed its first course for monitors of recreation and leisure activities in 1993.

Since then, it annually summits a course of Recreation and Leisure Activities and every two years a course for Directors of Recreation and Leisure activities, now being more than 300 the number of titles we have issued.

The courses of our school seek the formation of monitors and directors for all kinds of leisure activities although over time we have been specializing in summer camps.

The profile of the participants is a boy or girl of a bit more than 18 years, who has participated an average of 3 summers in the camps that FAC Nhorte organizes and is interested in becoming a monitor in these very same camps.

It is remarkable that 90% of the participants have previously held the course in Camps that LAMA and Nhorte organize every summer and serves as an introductory step to the world of recreation and leisure activities with children and youth.

The course for monitors consists of a theoretical-practical phase of 150 hours and it is required for enrolment to be at least 17 years old. At the end of this phase, there will be 10 days of internships during the next 12 months.

The course for directors has 200 hours of theoretical-practical and 15 days of internship and is required to be at least 18 years old and to have the course for monitors or equivalent diploma. 

These are teachers of the LAMAS school:

  • Ignacio Zarandona Fernández
  • Julio del Val de Arana
  • José Luís Mellado Santamaría
  • José Mª Manzano Villazán
  • Javier Iglesias Pérez
  • Andrés Mellado Santamaría
  • Santiago Fernández Martínez