About Us


Because 25 years of history that we have fulfilled in 2016 have to be a matter of more than just swimming on the sea, playing sports and laughing so much, but an exceptional educational project for children and young people that offers nature, freedom, friends and unforgettable experiences.

On one side, the trust parents, mothers and institutions placed on us, have resulted in more than 15,000 children participating in our camps during all the years of our existence. We know it’s finally the parents who evaluate the value of our camps and activities. And with them, we know that the opinions of the very same participants are also taking into consideration.

On the other hand, since 1991 there has been an excellent team of monitors and supervisors who with their creativity and dedication has shaped to a great extent the spirit of who we are. These are young people who almost all have been in our camps as children before and who wish to become an example for younger children the same way others were for them.


And finally, we have the management team of Nhorte, known as the teachers. They created the LAMA school of animation and leisure activities. They are the key of the project continuity and although we have grown old we continue to discuss very seriously on how can we make our camps more fun and educational at the same time.

Lastly, our installations deserve at least a couple of lines. Conformed with a lot of effort over the years, fragile as the nature in which it is integrated, surprises new ones and attracts those who return and has the power to make those who come seeking to be part of a different world feel at home.

As you can see, there are many ways to feel that you were part of what we are today. If you are already in one of the channels that we typically use we have already told you that we thank you and if not, we encourage you to come and see and not to wait until we celebrate another 25 years.